You Just Never Know – My true story about my lab Dixie

The Dog Next Door

You Just Never Know

Catherine Ulrich Brakefield

Mommy, can I have her?” Kimmy’s face beamed up at                   me as she hugged an ebony puppy with a white spot marking its chest and big, bearlike paws patting her hand playfully.

Flashbacks of my youth and the puppies I enjoyed cantered through my thoughts. I suddenly realized I was the same age as my daughter, just five years old, when I received my first puppy. That puppy had playfully introduced me to a life of caring.

“We’ll name her Dixie,” I said. Surely naming this puppy in tribute to my husband’s beloved South would work a miracle on him too. I needed one. We already had three cats, a bunny, and four horses.

The owner said the three puppies left were ten weeks old and free. And very close to losing their puppy appeal, I thought.

This is just the beginning. This story will warm your heart, cause your eyes to drip, So be prepared with Kleenex as you read the rest of Dixie’s love for her pups and our family.

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“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed. . .”

         Defying the odds, theirs would be a faith to challenge lovers, as destiny spans the   distance between them and weaves a master plan upon the lives they touch.

 Colleen McFarland promises her dying father that their Kentucky plantation,    Shushan, would continue its legacy, but when a dashing Rough Rider named Frank Smith steps into her life, suddenly her heart has a will of its own.

 Amber McFarland finds herself in love with the worldly Samuel Sloan.  Like the bibical Ruth, she leaves her kindred for the prairies of Colorado.  Can Colleen sustain Shushan for Amber and her children if something should happen to Samuel?

 An uncompleted will, a disgruntled in-law and a vindictive lawyer places the McFarland clan into the clutches of life’s tangled web of deception and greed.  Colleen realizes Frank is the only one who can save Shushan’s legacy– but will he?

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God Bless