Best part of Author Fairs is meeting fellow Authors!

Kathy Fannon, Head of Graubner Library’s Adult Services, Washington, Michigan, made the authors feel welcomed and appreciated. Zack Howell from WBRW interviewed the authors during the local fair.

A host of venues were available for the Christmas shoppers. Books ranged for local history to romance, spine thrilling adventures to children books. Commonality for their communities and the love of the written word encouraged new friendships to emerge with between us. That, I think, is the best part of participating in these author fairs!

Front row Left to Right:   Charlie Kadado, (Author of Sacrifice); Catherine Ulrich Brakefield (Author of The Wind of Destiny, Lapeer Area, and Eastern Lapeer); Emma Arendoski, (Author of The Handcrafted Wedding); Stoney Burke, (Author of Weapon: Mouth Adventures in the Free Speech Zone); kneeling down is Adriane Parrinello, (Author of The Fathers’ Sins’), April Spring, (Author of Fear Not); and James Salsido, (Author of Escape).  .

Back Row Left to right: Cherie Allen, Bob Allen, (Authors of The Andrus Family); Dennis Clotworthy, (Author of Al Kaline’s Last Bat Boy); Paul LaBaere, (Author of Brick by Brick); Michael Cal Brooks,(Author of A Right Hope); Patricia C. Shelton, (Author of Journey through the Valley of the Shadow); Barb Norris, (Author of Mostly Maggie); Not pictured is William Creed (Author of Comes the End series)

Romeo Library Group Photo


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