Let us not forget the art of the written form . . .

Romeo Arts and Gifts Authors

Pictures paint a thousand words; however, Starkweather Arts Center located in Romeo, MI., hosted a book signing for the art of the written form, which is only found between the pages of a good book.  It was a memorable and fun-filled author signing moment for everyone. While meeting residents, I enjoyed the beautiful artwork of these talented artists decorating the walls and shelves of this 1865 historical establishment that hosts monthly art shows, concerts, and events.

From left to right are Christopher Hudson, (author of Headwind and Northern Cross), Jason Winchester, (author of The Other Side of the Rainbow), Starkweather Board of Trustee, Secretary Grace Venet, Catherine Brakefield, (author of The Lapeer Area, Eastern Lapeer Area and The Wind of Destiny), Janice Fouchey, (author of A Wilted Blossom Blooms and Changing Colors), Debi Martone (author of Let Me Tell you What Happened). Not in photo; William Creed and Bernadette LaCross.

See www.starkweatherarts.com for information on events.


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