Super Bowl 49: About Putting on the Armor—of God?

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In preparation for Super Bowl, 700 Club sports reporter Shawn Brown went to Glendale, AZ to interview the Seattle Seahawks and New England Patriots about their objectives for the biggest game in their careers. Players from both sides have found a way to keep the Super Bowl in perspective and its all about putting on the full armor of God:

Russell Wilson, #3 of the Seattle Seahawks, wasn’t afraid to share his feelings. “Take God wherever you go. My favorite scripture is John 3:30 “He must increase, but I must decrease. It’s not about me or this team; it’s about the people you can affect, how you can change the world.”

Clint Gresham, #49 of the Seattle Seahawks added, “We are called to make the name of Jesus Christ famous. The Lord uses whoever He wants to choose. This is a great opportunity to get the gospel out there.”

Matthew Slater, #18 of the New England Patriots, allows the Lord to order his steps. “My faith has given me purpose and direction… Jesus has given me eternal purpose and eternal value. You are living for eternity and if you can’t get excited about that I don’t know what you can get excited about!”

Nate Solder, #77 of the New England Patriots says, “To be the greatest champion, you have to follow the greatest champion that lived, Jesus Christ!”

Chris Jones, #94 of the New England Patriots says, “Everything I have now is because of Him…. This gives us the opportunity to share God’s glory because He created everything here….”

Russell Okung, #76 of the Seattle Seahawks says, “We are not just a soldier on the football field, but in life.  You are a soldier for Christ. God’s got territory he wants you to take over. He’s put people in certain places with their talents and gifts.  Be faithful with what God has given you and what He has privileged you with, be the best you can be!”

Money and fame shadow in comparison to what Jesus has to offer these athletes. When I see the Super Bowl on Sunday and watch the football players run onto the field, I’ll remember what these strong and faithful all-stars unabashedly declared about putting on the armor of God and suit up for whatever God has chosen me to do!

“Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.” 1Cor 2:9

CBN TV – Finding Faith in the Desert at Super Bowl XLIX


9 thoughts on “Super Bowl 49: About Putting on the Armor—of God?

  1. It’s nice that there are guys who will speak out about their faith. Freedom of speech no longer exists in America the way it was even 25 years ago. No matter who wins tomorrow, these men will win the ultimate race in life–reigning in heaven with Christ.


  2. Love the Article. Thank God these Christians are not caught up in the mess that many professional players get caught up into.


  3. Chaplain Elsie De Lucs

    Sweet and very Beloved Sister,

    Thank you for sharing your powerful Blog with me. The Testimonies of these young Players makes me want to share their “Exaltations of Christ” with everyone I know, especially the young people I am praying for.

    This years Super Bowl has taken on new meaning for me, and so I am going to look out for these Precious “Ambassadors for Christ.”


  4. I agree! These young men have everything! But in the midst of their fame, reach out and say to their fans, “It’s not about me but about what Christ has done for me” Amen! Thanks Elsie for sharing.


  5. Derek Brakefield

    Incredible! Everyone should read this article. Especially our children. I will definitely be routing for these players tonight. Well spoken and well written. Thank you to all the players, reporters, and writers for being examples of Christ.


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