How Couples Really Communicate

Comedy actors Amy Barnes & Jerry Miner

Have you ever though about why you prefer the left or right side of the bed to sleep on? Amy Barnes and Jerry Miner, a married stand up comedy team have.

Comedians oftentimes revert to bad language and sly innuendoes to grab the chuckles and laughs from their audience. Not the case last evening. My husband and I, along with some of our friends, had a wonderful time listening to Amy Barnes and Jerry Miner, a married stand up comedy team. They talked about how couples really communicate. And they didn’t use any foul language doing this!

I had a ring side seat, just three rows away from the stage. The two hours flew by and I didn’t have to scrunch down in my seat, fearing Amy or Jerry might call on me to provide fresh fonder to their hilarious jokes.

I did not need to worry. Amy and Jerry included their audience without embarrassing them.

I especially like the one where Amy stated that marriage is a competition and you had to stay in a marriage in order to win in the end. First one to die looses.         It was all good, clean fun that kept us couples in stitches for two hours.

Would you believe, Amy and Jerry have been married for over ten years themselves? They began with a theater show, “The funnymooners,” in Oklahoma, then opened in Arizona with “Barnes & Miner: Let the Little Things Go.” Their shows were sold out and their stay extended to five weeks.  They now travel across the country performing their humorous brand of tag team comedy.

A sincere husband and wife team, they have an eight-year-old daughter and a four-year-old son who enjoy traveling with them. And being a grandmother myself, I immediately liked them when I learned that Amy and Jerry have just relocated from Los Angeles to Seattle, “Because grandparents are more valuable than sunshine!”

Amy and Jerry’s stand up comedy team is great for any church function, wedding or reunions.

I highly recommend seeing this couple if you ever get a chance because every married couple need to question why they pick the side of the bed they do. Check out for more information and God Bless!


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