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Book Intermission for Reverend GBook Seeking SophieBook Seeking Sophie 1

I have personally read the following books: Intermission for Reverend G, Finding Beth, and Seeking Sophie which applies Biblical principles to today’s problems: 

Intermission for Reverend G is a compelling story that lifts the heart and hopes of the reader, no matter their circumstances. Intermission for Reverend G had me turning the next page, wondering how this praying and caring lady could possibly stay upbeat in her confusing Alzheimer world. Humor, faith, and realism mingled compatibly with Reverend G’s down-home flavor of common sense. Her God-given gift ministering to others about the saving grace of Jesus Christ makes Intermission for Reverend G a must read for everyone.

Linnette R. Mullin in Finding Beth tells it like it is. It is never too late to get out of a bad relationship and Finding Beth brings this truth out beautifully. Packed full of love, adventure, and suspense, Finding Beth had me turning the pages wondering what would happen next. Guilt, anxiety, and indecision plague us all at sometime in our lives. It wouldn’t hurt to read Finding Beth before committing to a lasting relationship.

Melody Balthaser’s historical romance, Seeking Sophie, takes place in New England during 1858.  Orphaned and forced to become an indentured servant, Sophie stabs her master to protect herself from being raped. She escapes through the Underground Railroad. Sophie is forced to marry Jackson, the lighthouse keeper. Surrounded on three sides by water, she is leery of the solemn Jackson who prefers to be left alone. She seeks God’s guidance and finds escape for her and Jackson’s fears through God’s healing love. Historically accurate, adventurous, and love inspired, Seeking Sophie is a must read.

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