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Western expansion

I will talk about my newest historical romance Wilted Dandelions at 9 a.m. this Thursday on WMPC 1230AM’s “Off the Bookshelf” segment with Greg Bullen. You won’t want to miss exploring Wilted Dandelions trek in the Oregon Territory!

In 1837 The Second Great Awakening swept through America with a fervent message of forgiveness, redemption, healing and hope. Spinster Rachael Rothburn is eager to leave her life of luxury in Buffalo, New York to share the gospel with Native Americans in the uncharted regions of the west. The only problem is, the missionary alliance won’t let her go unless she’s married.

Learn how God doesn’t create coincidences, He designs possibilities.

So instead of turning on the television set, turn the dial on your radio to WMPC 1230AM at 9 a.m., this Thursday, August 27, and sip you coffee while listening to “Off the Bookshelf”. It might just change your outlook on life!


Welcome Home!

Wilted Dandelions come from UPS (2)

(Special supplement to Tri-City Times-August, 2015)

I am so excited and honored to be a part of Almont’s Homecoming held on Friday, August 7th and Saturday, August 8th! I remember writing about this nostalgic event in Images of America, Eastern Lapeer County and I pray every Almont resident attends. This event promise to be a memorable experience.

I will be autographing Eastern Lapeer County for the Almont Chamber of Commerce and selling my newest book, Wilted Dandelions, a historical romance set during the Second Great Awakening in 1837 on Saturday, August 8th between 2-4 p.m. beneath the big tent.

Eastern Lapeer County and Wilted Dandelions have the Second Great Awakening in common. Few people know that this Great Awakening began in the remote town of Cane Ridge, Kentucky in 1802. Then in 1803, France sells the property west of the Mississippi River to the United States. This land deal became known as the Louisiana Purchase.

Some Christians were inspired to migrate to the remote new territories of Michigan, like the Scottish immigrants who settled Scotch Settlement. The circuit riders that I talk about in Eastern Lapeer Area evolved from this Great Awakening. They carried only their Bibles and were often the only preachers available to bury their family and marry their children.

Remember, the only means of travel was horseback and most communication was through word of mouth.

Amazingly, this Second Great Awakening continued to grow with fervor throughout American through the 1830s. Now in walks Wilted Dandelions.

Wilted Dandelions begins in 1837 in Buffalo, New York, when tent revivals sprang up like mushrooms across the state. It was here amidst the musty smell of canvas and sawed-off wood logs made into benches that Spinster Rachael Rothburn knelt in the dust and accepted Jesus Christ.

She feels a burning desire in her heart that God wants her to become a missionary like Narcissa Whitman and preach to the Native Americans west of the Rocky Mountains. Then Spinster Rachael finds out that in order to become a missionary to the Native Americans, she must be married.

Dr. Jonathan Wheaton has read every one of Lewis and Clark’s journals. He, too, meets his Maker amidst the dimly lit tent and decides to sponsor the next missionary venture. He learns he must marry in order to be a missionary.

Rachael is forced to agree to a loveless marriage with Jonathan Wheaton, a man she only just met. Jonathan, too busy with his hospital duties, sends Rachael’s proposal through her father.

This infuriates the high-spirited Rachael. Through their battling emotions, raging rivers, hostile Indians and treacherous mountain passes; Rachael discovers she’d grown to trust the strong-willed Jonathan. Rachael realizes the deep depth of God’s love.

Rachael is a woman on a mission. Yet faced with the handsome, but iron-willed Jonathan, she is unsure about her emotions—?

I think the main theme throughout Wilted Dandelions is, “God doesn’t create coincidences, He designs possibilities.”

I don’t think there is anyone of us that hasn’t wondered if God cares what happens to them. When we are young, we know who we want to become when we grow up. Sometimes, we lose sight of our dreams.

My new inspirational historical romance, Wilted Dandelions, encourages you to dream again, because God doesn’t create coincidences, He designs possibilities!”

Wilted Dandelions was printed by CrossRiver Brewster, Kansas USA. You can purchase Wilted Dandelions at www.crossrivermedia.com, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, or where ever books are sold. You can visit or e-mail Catherine at www.catherineulrichbrakefield.com or www.facebook.com/CatherineUlrichBrakefield