How can YOU be Supportive

Booksigning-with-Annabelle-2About that book you couldn’t put down?

Award winning author, Kristen Lamb says that the best way is to “WRITE A REVIEW. A GOOD ONE.”

Lamb explains that reviews are more important now than ever before. “If you love our books, your promotion means a thousand times more than any ad I could pay for. Ads and marketing don’t sell books. Never did and never will. Only thing that sells books is word of mouth!”

Lamb doesn’t hold back any punches and goes on to say, “You will be shocked how much regular people will pay attention to YOU!”

“When you review us, Amazon favors our books in the algorithms meaning more people SEE our books.” Lamb’s enthusiasm is contagious, and she admits that, “In the on-line world YOU have the power to get US that awesome front of the store book placement.”

Read on about:  The Ugly Truth of Publishing and How Best to Support Writers



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