Igniting My Passions

Cathy and Ed on Western trip

Mark Twain once said, “Writing is one per cent inspiration and ninety-nine per cent perspiration.”

The hours and hours of research, writing, editing and reediting Wilted Dandelions proved to me Twain’s words were not an exaggeration. To confirm what I wrote was accurate, my husband and I went on a road trip out west. In our comfortable car, we envisioned what traveling west must have been like for missionary Rachael and her husband, Jonathan, in 1837.

We were at Council Bluffs, Iowa, at the Western Historical Trails Center when an old newspaper clipping caught my attention. Harold of the Newport Times wrote back in 1846, “Might as well attempt to march an army to the moon as to march overland to Oregon.” He wrote that article ten years after Rachael and Jonathan’s trip!

Everything went fine for my husband and I until we drove through a dust storm in Nebraska, lost our cell phone connection in Wyoming, and the red light on the dashboard of our car blinked “low fuel.” There were only miles and miles of mountains and no gas stations!

If this wasn’t enough to get us worried just a little, what I thought was a lovely white puffy cloud turned out to be snow flurries that soon covered the steep mountain side. We could only pray that our little Ford Fusion was capable of hugging the steep, icy, snow-covered pavement. One slip would land us on a rocky precipice and into the gaping abyss beneath us. I glanced down at our road map. The tiny black print I had missed seeing earlier stood out like a neon light: “Wyoming backway may not be suitable for travel during inclement weather.”

We safely made it to our destination; however, the experience is imprinted on our minds forever.

I admire the bravery of these first missionaries who left the comfort of their professions and homes to “march to the moon,” believing in God and their Savior, Jesus. These missionaries sacrificed their lives in order to preach the Holy Bible and Christ’s salvation message to those who were ignorant of Satan’s abyss.

Wilted Dandelions’ book signings brought another unexpected surprise to me that ignited my passions again. Rachael and Jonathan were no longer fictitious characters. They were as real as was their over 200-year-old story about the Second Great Awakening and our nation’s history. A story about Spinster Rachael, a woman on a mission who met her destiny, and learned that God doesn’t create coincidences, He designs possibilities.

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