Oakland County author explores history and the Christian heart

Booksigning Christ the King 6

From left to right Zelma Fellows and author Catherine Brakefield during Summerfest at Christ the King Church.

Learn how to tap into that inner strength God gives to us to rise above the pits of despair into the starlight of answered dreams. Oakland County Author Explores History and the Christian Heart

Thank you Rachel Moulden for this beautiful article! The above article will be in print version in The Oakland Press Sunday arts section.

Don’t miss Wilted Dandelions’ book signing, Sunday, March 20, at Barnes and Noble, 2800 South Rochester Road, Rochester Hills. See you there!


Spring is in the Air!

Family Christian Barb & Max Jersey.png

Sunlight spewed across the floor of Family Christian Stores in Flint, highlighting the lambs, bunnies, and teddy bears. Easter baskets and tee shirts printed with Biblical messages, dotted the rows of books peeking out from their shelves.

Amidst this gala of ‘spring is in the air’ were the sounds of buffalo rumbling across the television screen, announcing that the presentation of Willed Dandelions was about to begin…

No one left empty handed and everyone enjoyed a nostalgic step into the past created by the historical romance, Wilted Dandelions. Children enjoyed the history of the American missionaries and the short videos about the Second Great Awakening, the covered wagons crossing the Platte River, and the pony express riders bravely carrying the mail from St. Joseph to California.

But the best part of this day for me was the people I met and the friends I made. Thank you Greg Lantz for inviting me!Family Christian Greg Lantz Manager.png Thank you Barb and Max Jersey for posing for the above picture!

I will be holding another book signing at Barnes and Noble Bookstore, located at 2800 S. Rochester Rd., in Rochester Hills from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. on Sunday, March 20.

Have you Ever Dreamed?

37 Catherine meeting a guide at the Archway Entrance of the Great Platte

Ever imagined what traveling across the wilderness in the early 1800s was like?

 On March 12, 1 to 4 p.m. at Flint’s Family Christian Stores located at G-3577 Miller Rd., Genesee Crossing, I will be talking about my historical romance, Wilted Dandelions.

 I will share a 30-minute presentation about my trip out west following Rachael and Jonathan’s trail in Wilted Dandelion that will include pictures, maps and video.

If you ever plan to travel west, this is a way to acquire information regarding museums and travel stops. Refreshments will be provided and every signing will include a personalized gift.

Historically accurate and exciting, Wilted Dandelions is a great story of missionaries going west to minister to the Indians,” says author Marcia Lee. “Catherine Ulrich Brakefield creates a tension filled tale about the Oregon Trail that is fraught with danger and a marriage that is in name only.”

Here’s what award-winning author, Cheryl Wyatt said about Wilted Dandelions:

“…Catherine did a fantastic job making me care deeply about the characters and their journeys… I haven’t read any voice like her, and I found her style very refreshing. …I look forward to her next book.”

Set in the early 1800’s, high spirited Rachael Rothburn marries Jonathan Wheaton in order to go west and minister to the Indians. As the seeds of love grow between them, Rachael realizes God doesn’t create coincidences—He designs possibilities!

God Bless!