Wilted Dandelions connects East with West


My faith-based historical romance Wilted Dandelions is about eastern missionaries Rachael and Jonathan Wheaton, traveling westward during the 1830s to minister to Native Americans. You can just imagine my elation when Twila Shreves from Altoona, Iowa invited me for a book signing at Hidden Treasures Gifts and Boutique on Thursday, from 4 to 6 p.m. April 28.

Lewis and Clark said of the west, “It was like going to the moon.”

Little could those first missionaries know that in the 1860s The Oregon Trail, would lead hopeful families to the same place these brave Christian missionaries; Marcus and Narcissa Whitman, Henry and Eliza Spalding and now my characters, Rachael and Jonathan Wheaton, went seeking to save the spiritual lost.

Rachael had to learn to trust God completely before she could reach her life mission. Like Rachael, we need to learn how to tap into that inner strength God gives us to rise above the pits of despair into the starlight of answered dreams.

Sod House with Ed Everywhere Edward and I drove, were the remnants of the trials and accomplishments of our early ancestors. Like this sod house standing along a busy highway. The clothesline outside, the rain barrel, the little flower box, and the curtains hung with care inside those walls of dirt.

Much of the tourist sites had changed from when I took my first road trip as a girl of seventeen. Only the people remained the same. The same friendly faces, the same stanch pride in their state and country, and the same helpful hand that was always extended to my husband and I. Christopher Blue, technical preservation specialist, Western Historic Trails Center read a proof of Wilted Dandelions and supplied this review:

“Catherine Brakefield has carefully woven several genres of fiction into a singular, well-crafted, narrative…Rachael is strong, independent, and committed to her beliefs, she is also product of her times and susceptible to the pressures of the day…”

Council Bluffs, Iowa Western Historic Trails CenterEdward and I are eagerly looking forward to meeting Christopher Blue of Council Bluffs again and you at Hidden Treasures Gifts and Boutique on Thursday, 4 to 6 p.m., April 28. Plan on sharing your stories about the west! Rachael and Jonathan’s trail in Wilted Dandelions will be available. Refreshments will be provided and two complimentary gifts are provided with every book purchase.

Hidden Treasures Gifts and Boutique is located on 100 8th Street. Altoona, Iowa