Words! Words! Words!

CrossRiver Authors Wordsowers

“I’m so sick of words! I get words all day through; First from him, now from you! Is that all you blighters can do?” sings Eliza Doolittle from the musical, “My Fair Lady”.

In the song “Show Me” Eliza was sick of studying, and had packed her bags. “Never do I ever want to hear another word. There isn’t one I haven’t heard.” Have you ever felt that way?

George Bernard Shaw’s, Eliza Doolittle is determined to rise above her meager existence by working hard to improve her English. Improving oneself can be disheartening and tiring, especially when we are not certain we are improving. Eliza was exasperated and says, “…one more word and I’ll scream!”

Romantic in spots, comical in others, and surprisingly philosophical, Eliza Doolittle rises from lowly flower girl to the heights of sophistication in much the same way authors hope their novels will climb from the bottom of Amazon’s charts into the ranks and starlight of popularity.

Word Sowers Christian Writers Conference held in Omaha, Nebraska, helped to encourage, equip, and educate authors so they could give back to their reading population the best novels, devotionals, and non-fiction books possible.

So now allow us to entertain you through the written word!

Attendees of Wordsowers, exuberant CrossRiver authors (from left to right) R. J. Thesman, Catherine Brakefield, Angela Meyer, and CrossRiver editor, Debra Butterfield are ready to share with the public their unique books.

Just think of it. Through the twenty-six letters of the alphabet, gathered into a cluster of rhythm and rhyme, words have the power to entertain, inspire, thrill, and humor you. So while grabbing a little sun, or vacationing at the cabin, read a good book today.

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