“…Catherine has Captured the Determined Nature of the Irish…”

Booksigning:   June 24 at 1 to 5 p.m. at Discount Bible Book and Music Store, 26756 Dequindre Rd. in Warren, Michigan  

 “Catherine has captured the determined nature of the Irish, their perseverance amid extreme difficulties…” writes Cindy Ervin Huff, winner of the Editor’s Choice Award for Secrets and Charades. “Swept into Destiny is a wonderful historical romance that gives the reader a glimpse into the Irish immigrants in the Civil War.

Swept-Cover small“This well-researched story moves along like the splendor of Gone with the Wind. We experience life on the plantation, life as the poor Irish and life in a divided nation and the war devastation that changed the culture. Ben McConnell is a wonderful character who portrays the best of the Irish spirit and Maggie Gatlan the heart of Southern charity.

“The Irish song lyrics on the battlefield added to the creation of the brave warriors willing to sacrifice their lives for a new beginning in a new land.”


Rick Barry, best selling author of The Methuselah Project, writes, “Catherine Brakefield’s Swept into Destiny breathes new life into the years before and during the Civil War, a time when unstoppable forces clashed and changed the United States forever. Some of Brakefield’s characters you’ll love; others you’ll hate for the scoundrels they are. But through it all you’ll hold your breath and hope the main characters can survive and find love despite turbulent events swirling around them.”

Marcia (Mitchell) Lee, author of Surviving the Prodigal Years writes, “Catherine Brakefield has caught the heart and soul of the Civil War through the eyes of the South. She has diligently incorporated scripture in appropriate places to bring God’s love and guidance in turbulent times. Historically accurate, the action kept me turning pages from the onset and I loved the depth of emotion she has woven into each character.”

From CrossRiver Media’s Blog: “Her dedication to historical accuracy and faith in Christ are hallmarks of all her historical fiction, and this first book in Catherine’s Destiny series doesn’t disappoint. Swept into Destiny relates the story of Irish immigrant Ben McConnell and his encounter with the spunky Maggie Gatlan. The story opens in 1857 in Tennessee and carries us through the tumultuous years leading up to and through the Civil War.

“Catherine keeps us on the edge of our seat as she weaves the history of Irish immigrants, the Civil War, and the Gospel of Christ into an inspirational story of action, suspense, and romance. As you turn the pages, you’ll experience renewed faith and encouragement in your own walk with Christ.”

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