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What do those words mean to you?

President Trump declared that March 1 would begin the Irish-American Heritage Month 2018, and stated, “We celebrate Irish-American Heritage Month and the tremendous role Irish immigrants and their descendants have played in the development of our great Nation.”

Through my mother’s and grandmother’s wise teachings, I learned about the Irish immigrants who flooded the harbors of New York during the 1840s and ’50s. Little did I know that this knowledge would inspire my novel Swept into Destiny.

I am so very grateful for my reviewers, who have become my faithful friends to share my stories to, and their comments are always a blessing to me :

Swept into Destiny is a wonderful historical romance that gives the reader a glimpse into the Irish immigrants in the Civil War.” Award-winning author Cindy Ervin Huff goes on to write, “Ben McConnell is a wonderful character who portrays the best of the Irish spirit and Maggie Gatlin the heart of Southern charity. Catherine has captured the determined nature of the Irish. Their perseverance amid extreme difficulties.”

The Irish immigrant, as have many immigrants, persevered through the barriers of poverty and prejudices, accepting work unbefitting the lowest American. Their spirit persevered and pervaded, by their dogmatic faith in God and the American dream.

President Trump, in the Irish Central, goes on to say, “Irish-American Heritage Month is a great opportunity to celebrate the nearly 33 million Americans with Irish ancestry and their tremendous contributions to the betterment of our country.”

I invite you to enjoy a good read for Irish-American month with Swept into Destiny, a historical romance that tells about Irish immigrant Ben McConnell, who fights against unparalleled odds in the swamps of Tennessee, and as a part of the Irish Brigade during the Civil War. He fights to rise above his “unwelcome” status and provides a “living hope” (1Peter 1:3).  Swept-Cover small

As new republic lies ahead with Abraham Lincoln’s presidency, Southern belle Maggie Gatlan journeys through unimaginable hardships of war and discovers the truth about faith and devotion, and America’s greater cause.  God Bless!

Swept into Destiny is on sale for a limited time.

The above President Trump quotes taken from Irish Central, journalist Frances Mulraney:

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