Meet me at Beadifferent Boutique

Beadifferent20180622_143211Have some time out fun to enjoy a day of camaraderie, good reading, and great deals! Mark your calendars for Saturday, June 30th from noon to 3 p.m. at Beadifferent Boutique located on 7 North Washington St., Oxford, Michigan.

I shall:

  • Talk about my latest book Destiny’s Whirlwind.
  • Provide a bonus chapter with every Destiny’s Whirlwind
  • Give you the inside scope about what inspired the Destiny series.
  • And you’ll get a sneak preview of the next book in the series, A Destiny of Heart.

Enjoy a nostalgic walk down memory lane while snacking and shopping!

Most items in Beadifferent Boutique are marked  fifty per cent off! So don’t delay! Here’s a sneak preview of what you can expect. Isn’t this little Time Out Chair darling? It is complete with timer:

Beadifferent clothes .jpgBeadifferent purses.jpgBeadifferent scarfs .jpg

Here is what my wonderful readers are saying about:

Destiny’s Whirlwind                               Bound by her word–

Destiny's Whirlwind Final“… I really, really enjoyed this book. It touched my heart and I got all emotional. The descriptions of the settings, surroundings and feelings were phenomenal.

The development of the story and characters were wonderful. It is definitely worth your money and time to buy and read this book.”



Swept into Destiny

One Brave Decision leads…To Serious Consequences…  

“This book weaves a tapestry of the struggle for survival for  Irish immigrants with the Swept-Cover smallsetting of the Pre-Civil War.

I loved the beautiful romance of Ben and Maggie and the choices they make to follow their conscience. Full of action and beautiful word pictures painted by the author.

Great historical fiction with a Christian message. A must read! ”    Dee Smith



Wilted Dandelions

The Second Great Awakening has stirred Her soul

“Catherine’s book was a delight to read, both because of its historical significance, and faith, as well as her ability to bring her characters to life.

I felt as though I was right beside them living their journey. I’m


looking forward to a sequel as she left so much room for more stories to be told.” Teri Stiles



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