The splendors of fall colors cannot compare to the brilliance yet to come!

Fall colors 3

Where has the time gone? It seemed only yesterday when spring was in the air and I wrote to you about my newest book Waltz with Destiny.

Since then, I have a new short story out in Callie Smith Grant’s The Horse of My Dreams, True Stories of the HORSES WE LOVE! My short story is titled: A Forever Friend. I have been invited to do a reading of my story on November 10th at Steve’s Ranch Family Restaurant in Jackson, MI. between 1-4 p.m. I shall also do a reading at Baker Book House in Grand Rapids in January. I will let you know as to the date and time. Horse of my Dreams

I will be on Kathy Krafve’s Fireside Talk Radio (podcast). The tentative date for this prerecorded talk to air is December 20th. I will let you know further details when I receive them.

My book signings are shaping up wonderfully and I hope to see your there! As many of you already know, my novels and history books make great Christmas gifts.


Check out OCTV Our Community Access on the internet or Channel 99 on U-Verse this coming week starting November 4 and running through to November 8th. I will be talking about more exciting facts regarding my novels and upcoming book signings.

After all, what better gift to give your loved ones or friends this Christmas, but a voyage into yesteryear that they will treasure forever!

Here is a list of my book signings.

November 9th at 9 a.m. from 3 p.m. at Lakepoint Community Church Craft Show located on 1550 W. Drahner Rd. in Oxford, MI. This is the 4th annual mission trip and craft show hosted by Lakepoint so come on out and purchase some wonder Christmas gifts.

November 23rd from 8:30 to 4 p.m. at the Metamora Lioness Club HolidaDaze Craft Fair located on 3790 N. Oak St., Metamora, MI.

November 30th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. at Almont Historical Society, 249 South Main St., Almont, MI. This is a benefit book sale and a percentage of proceeds will go to the Almont Historical Society. Enjoy a nostalgic stroll down memory lane in this the beautiful town of Almont.

People ask me where can they get my books? Usually they are found wherever books are sold: Amazon, Books-a-Million, Barnes and Noble, etc.

Family Christian Book Store in Flint, Mi. has autographed copies of Wilted Dandelions, Swept into Destiny, Destiny’s Whirlwind, and Waltz with Destiny on their shelves. It’s a wonderful place to shop for that special Christmas gift. Their address is 4463  Miller Rd. Flint, MI.

Baker Book House located in Grand Rapids is presently carrying Wilted Dandelions.

I have found a few printing errors in Swept into Destiny. On some of the pages, the print was distorted. I check each book before I autograph them. However, if I have missed any, my editor has contacted Amazon and they are aware of the problem. All you need do is contact Amazon and they will mail you a copy. You do not need to return the damaged book to me or Amazon.

Remember, keep those reviews coming! Writing can be related to preparing for a Christmas pageant. You pile on the hours in rehearsals for weeks and months and—wait for the applause. A writer’s applause comes in the way of reviews.

You will find more about this concept and my writing challenges in my recently submitted blog for HiStory Thru the Ages which will run on November 11th. I do not   have the link, but I will also show this on my author facebook page and my web page; Hopes, Hearts & Hoofbeats.

I love seeing the red, yellow, orange and rust leaves on the trees arrayed in their full glory, sparkling like lights on a Christmas tree as sunlight gently strokes there branches. However, the splendors of fall colors cannot compare to the brilliance yet to come.

All too soon, the leaves will fall. Then soft, white snow will pepper the bare limbs. Because Christmas is just a fall away.

Our Lord and Savior came to earth as a wee babe to gift a fallen mankind an nonperishable gift; white and pure, of His Truth and unconditional love.


For every book purchased, I include a pocket Bible and a stylist/flashlight pen engraved with Matthew 17:20 “If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed…nothing is impossible”. What I write can never change a person’s life—only the Word of God can. Share with your special person this year, these special gifts with each book purchased.  God Bless!






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